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About Me,
The Creator of ETPD

My name is Madeline and I am the owner/creator of Em Tee Pot Designs and an Army veteran. I define myself as a creative being and I first realized this when I wanted to become a ballerina as a young girl (I would’ve been a damn good one too).

Through the years I had many interests from ballerina, interior decorator, graphic and web designer, photographer, etc. I decided on graphic and web design and went to school to get degrees in those fields. While working as a web designer I created a website for a ceramicist in Arizona and I was fascinated of the work she did. I continued to create websites and graphics. I got into animal rescue where I started taking pictures to help dogs and cats from the pound get fostered or adopted by showing their beauty. I also dabbled in jewelry photography where I gained a lot of knowledge about the jewelry industry.

So several years later I decided to finally learn about pottery. I love all the possibilities to use my creativity in pottery. Currently I like to design in carving techniques, slip trailing, drawing and piercing clay. I am interested in many ethnic and tribal styles and always open to learning more to advance my skills.