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Welcome to
Em Tee Pot Designs

Welcome to my ceramic place of Em Tee Pot Designs and online shop. Here you can see the types of pottery
I produce, products I’m selling, gallery of my works and more about me and how I got started in the pottery world.

Types of Ceramics I make.

Carving – Sliptrailing

I like to create in a couple of techniques such as carving in the clay to create patterns in recessed or embossed styles.

Sliptrailing is another technique that I enjoy. It is basically liquid clay that is used to created raised texture over the form to make intricate designs, patterns or used in illustration.

Drawing – Piercing

Drawing is another technique that is a great way to personalize and make images come alive on any form like a cup, jar, bowl, plate. I really have fun creating illustrations on clay.

Piercing can be challenging which is whyΒ  they call it the ‘devils work’ but it just take practice and beautiful intricate pieces can be made.

Em Tee Pot Designs is looking to show in new galleries or shops! In Roanoke VA and surround areas