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Black Copper Textured Handmade Ceramic Planter with Saucer


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Black Copper Textured Handmade Ceramic Planter with Saucer.

This handmade pottery was made on the pottery wheel with speckled clay. A carved textured was applied around the top rim of the planter and also around the rim of the saucer, a drainage hole was cut for proper plant draining. After bisque firing a black copper glaze was painted on the planter and just the top rim in the interior so the plants can adhere to the raw materials and flourish. The saucer also glazed in black copper. This glaze has a rich coating and looks and feels as beautiful as it looks in the picture.

Dimensions: Planter 6W x 6L x 3.75H / Saucer 4.5W x .50 H / 1.75 lb.

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Weight 1.048125 lbs
Dimensions 6.0 × 6.0 × 4.25 in